Alarm System

Fame (T) Company Limited. We have Security alarm system which ensures that you become aware of anything happening at protected area with promptly alert through SMS on your phone followed up by a call to make sure the information is received to the owner or a person in charge. Not only the general alert but with the specific area of interference

A home/office/store security alarm system is a way to help protect your place while you’re away, when you’re sleeping, or during times when you’re preoccupied with household responsibilities and might not be aware of intruders. This system is easy to learn and operate. Even though there are strong safety advantages, alarm systems might be troublesome for homeowners who don’t take time to arm and disarm them, or don’t have the budget to install reliable system.

More and more people from all over the world have started to realize the importance and benefits of a security alarm system. According to a recent survey, homeowners who bought a modern security alarm system have peace of mind when it comes to protection from burglars

Security Alarm Benefits

We all have an instinctive need to protect the things we cherish most. When we’re young it’s the little things like our special blanket, teddy bear, or a hand to hold. When we grow up it’s the safety of our children we’re concerned about. There’s something about having these valuables with us that make us feel safe and complete and when we lose them we too feel lost.

The peace-of-mind

When something goes wrong (whether you are home or thousands of miles away on vacation), knowing that a system is already in place and that your house has a direct link to the proper authorities is very reassuring.

A Sense of Comfort:

Of course, the best advantage to having a home security system is that you can go about your life knowing that your household and belongings are secure. Security inside your home and outside your home, when you are home and when you’re out enjoying the rest of life!


Usefulness in deterring crime

When potential burglars or intruders see you have an alarm system, they may go elsewhere because it isn’t worth the time to try to deactivate it. They also don’t want to risk alarms going off.


Increase in House Value

Neighborhood safety is always one of the top factors people consider before buying/renting a house so it’s no wonder that houses equipped with security systems have the advantage in the housing market.

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